The Flo backpack is a modular, ergonomic, and performance strength bag perfect for city trips to all day hikes. The rigid thermofoam bags come in three flavors; the urban day pack, the weekender, and the 5-day trekker – that quickly snap into the universal Flo frame. Made of lightweight molded plastic, the frame features large air channels to maintain breathability and a flexible core for unrestricted mobility.

Design form: Ivan Huber




Two in one, the Ladybird bath

In the Ladybird Concept the Bathroom and a smaller part of the Kitchen have been combined.

Because of the steadily decreasing livingspace in urban developments this could be the future of Wellness . Mor information about Ladybird you can find here :


Furniture Design from the Netherlands

This is a short video about a new Furniture Design Firm from the Netherlands. Melmar Design/Melanie Pirich was involved in designing the logo of the company and a table named Mel (Melmar Design) is being developed by B&F Tafels. New concepts in Furniture Design will be coming soon.
Just have a look at

Skin Footwear… maybe the new designtrend of the future!